The case for gun control. Unless you’re a police officer, a soldier, someone who legally needs to carry a gun, you should not be carrying or owning a gun.

The Case for Gun Control

The recent brutal and unimaginable massacre of 26 people, including 20 first-grade children, in Newtown, CT, shocked me as I’m sure it did any normal human being.

I normally use this blog to write and share my thoughts and experiences on the topics of leadership, entrepreneurship, and strategic thinking. And yet, I simply could not stay silent following this yet another cruel, inexplicable, and hateful act of violence.

There have always been, and probably will always be, very sick individuals who are capable of performing shocking acts of violence. It’s not the intention of this post to try and understand what drives them to do such crimes.

We simply need to make it much more difficult for them to do so.

There is a debate now on whether or not we should limit and control the sale and ownership of guns. I personally have no doubt on this topic. It’s a must. Here is why.

Guns have one purpose and one purpose only – to fire bullets.

And you can rest assured that they will fire bullets. So, if you own a gun you should assume that it would go off at some point. The only question is when.

So unless you’re a police officer, a soldier, or someone who legally needs to shoot people in the course of their job/duty, you should not be carrying or owning a gun.

Those who are arguing for “the right to bear arms for self-defense” are fooling themselves. Your best self-defense is to avoid a confrontation with an armed person. Your gun is more likely to hit someone else, an innocent bystander, perhaps even a family member. Moreover, you will likely destroy your life forever.

Worst yet, having a gun at home is a recipe for gun accidents. Many of these accidents involving kids, who see it as a toy. In particular, if they are also exposed to violent video games that are so popular these days. Such accidents destroy entire families. Sadly, I’ve seen this happen more than once.

In summary, I believe in the following two equations:

  1. Fewer guns = Fewer people being shot

  2. Violent video games + easy access to guns = shooting crimes



6 thoughts on “The Case for Gun Control

  1. Guns are not the problem , its people , attitudes, bad decision s .
    as long as there is people , there will alway be proplems with guns .
    Law abiding , good , self respecting people are not the problems
    Criminals,deranged,deviants of society are the problem .
    Laws restrict honest,law abiding people , not criminals
    Accountability , Backgrounding , Checks & Balances , Good Records management
    These are great .
    But You have to have better enforcement and support for law enforcement for it to work effectively .
    Taking guns away , just allows criminals to get the upperhand .
    Allowing more law enforcement to disarm the criminals will stop this .
    More screening for weapons , More restrictions for public transport and Better detection capabilities .
    Give the support to the enforcers and the ability to deter,detect,sieze and disarm and you will stop this .

  2. I believe that the 2nd amendment should be looked at in depth as to what was intended and what has been interpreted and what makes sense in a modern society.

  3. As an outside observer the level of irrational and totally illogical arguments put up by the US gun lobby never cease to amaze me. I am tempted to say that the US is the laughing stock of the civilised world but unfortunately this in no laughing matter. Many hundreds, no thousands of people die every year in the US as a result of gun violence. More than in any other civilised country and the only thing that is really different is the number of guns in your society. The people that pull the triggers don’t have “good guy” or “bad guy” stamped on their foreheads what they have is a gun in their hand. I feel very, very sorry for the people of the United States.

  4. I am Veteran of the Viet Nam Era and anyone who believes guns, violence or dysfunctional aggression belongs in the presence of any child is nuts. My father had five boys following WWII were he returned permanently disabled losing both ear drums. Four of us were born within 4 years and 9 months. We went hunting with our grandfather every Thanksgiving and my father had a shot gun. One day he comes into our play where we pointing the gun at one another and he simply took the gun and it left the house and was never seen again. I was an expert marksman and yes there is a rush with ballistics of guns and the power they possess. I have never owned a gun. I believe today if I was a parent my stance would be clear boundary "you are not to go into any home with guns."

    You can dance all you want on this 2nd amendment and the sacredness of the 18th century constitution of the USA. I am primary a World Citizen and detest the violence happening to women and children everywhere. You can justify this nonsense claiming it's human nature and your wrong and don't know the facts of every unit of our humanity and the natural love of human nature before we created a cultural matrix of fear, arrogance, and aggression as human beings. This isn't about the 2nd amendment in my assessment.

    It's about a corporate imperialist, colonizing, missionary historic cultural matrix based in powerful patronizing bullsh#$t of words, sword, bullet, and now weapons of mass destructions that believes violence brings peace, harmony, wholeness in social relations, and there is no evidence of that to be true anywhere in human history, and voluminous evidence to contradict the assertion. So goes the argument for the 2nd amendment that by arming ourselves we secure the vision, peace, dream and prosperity of governance in a future child centric caring America.

    I am an advocate for an immediate 28th amendment to the USA Constitution "Right to Human Privacy in Autonomy of Person." It's hard to tell who your friends and neighbors are in this debauchery of human utterances happening in mass manufactured media of "get money or eat dirt" bullsh#$t. I am clarifying my understanding of our social reality in "WE THE PEOPLE'S" mutual agreement of what constitutes "human identity" in our "civil social society" to govern ourselves and not these jackasses in Washington D.C. I oppose and am willing to fight with my life for the 1st amendment "Right of Free Speech" for every human being under the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

    WE are WORLD CITIZENS acting like idiots arguing over a fiscal cliff and ignoring a climate cliff that is already going to impact future generations in horrific ways.

    To confuse human beings with perpetual corporate powers of governance in any institutional discourse: religion, education, politics or commerce is an enslavement of freedom in a demand for obedience and negation of the dynamics of being human.

    So, I assert the United Citizens declaration of the USA Supreme Court is idiotic, wrongheaded and must be changed today. Money is driving our politics instead of the people. We are embedded today in a security industrial complex of such unheard of proportions it shatters the mind's capability of understanding it. We allowed this militant identity as Americans to exist and only free people standing together in solidarity of voices can disrupt it, disarm it, and face the genocidal unintended consequences we create everyday like Newtown. This isn't a new story rather a very old worn out story that is no longer useful designing a future in the 21st century.

  5. The part you do not understand is that it is my right as a citizen of the United states of America to possess and carry a weapon. I am 54 yrs. old and have been around guns of all types my whole life and have gone through a traing for a CCW permit, and guess what (I HAVE NEVER SHOT ANYONE) like millions of other Americans. However if you or any other person breaks into my home or threatens the life of my loved ones I reserve the right to to protect my home with whatever means available to me. And I will never turn over my guns , NOT FOR OBAMA or any other liberal fool wh9o trys. You are not hearing from a lot of people like me yet thanks to the liberal media, but just hold on you will.

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