The accidental entrepreneur. How I got into entrepreneurship as a direct result of the premature birth of our youngest daughter.

The Accidental Entrepreneur

I consider myself an “accidental entrepreneur”. I’m not the typical Silicon Valley entrepreneur.  And I’m far from the common stereotype of the “technology entrepreneurs”.

Most of my professional career has been in the semiconductor industry. A career covering a broad range of experience. From engineering and product development to driving the business growth of a company in a senior leadership role.

My Fortunate “Accident”

I got into entrepreneurship about two years ago. This was a direct result of the premature birth of our youngest daughter. She was born in week 31 weighing 986 g, and with a rare defect in her brain. As soon as she was born, it became clear to us that this will be a long ordeal.

She eventually spent two months in the NIC unit (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) at the hospital. Later, she was diagnosed as having a significant delay in her development.

As a result, I decided to dedicate my time and energy to our baby girl and her development. It also meant taking indefinite time off work and career development. I called it Family Leave.

It ended up being the best thing that I could have done for my daughter and family. It also gave me much needed time to reflect on my life, my priorities, and my goals.

I firmly believe in destiny and that things happen to us for a reason. It’s left to us to make the most of these opportunities and turn them into defining moments in our lives.

I felt that this was my opportunity to turn this very difficult and trying period in our life into our defining moment. My defining moment. To create something truly positive driven by a real and meaningful purpose.

I didn’t know what this would be. However, I started down a path to find it.

How I Became an Entrepreneur

Once our baby’s condition became more stable, she didn’t need any more surgeries, and there were fewer doctors to see on a weekly or monthly basis, we could shift some of our time and focus to ourselves.

My first true start-up project was working with my wife to create her own business – creating and designing decorative cakes. This was her passion from a very young age. She also has serious skills and talents in this area (core competencies).

This involved coming up with the idea, developing her value proposition, generating a profitable business model, and planning her go-to-market strategy. It also included building her online presence including website and Facebook page.

This was fun and a great learning experience. It left me with a taste for more.

All this while I was thinking of ideas for start-up ventures. In addition, I met with other entrepreneurs and started studying the topic of entrepreneurship, and how to start successful companies.

I see entrepreneurship as an opportunity to do something meaningful that would make a real difference in the world. Also, I see it as a way to do it right, based on your values and principles. To build something truly great that you would be proud to call your own. Something that will be part of your legacy.

Friends and entrepreneurs started coming to me to share their ideas, for advice, and assistance. I enjoyed the process of meeting new people and learning about new ideas. Also, I find it exciting to assist aspiring entrepreneurs in taking their first, crucial steps towards building their new ventures.

One thing led to another and today I’m an entrepreneur, as well as an advisor to start-up companies. I’m working with entrepreneurs to develop their ideas into unique value innovations, and generate solid business models.



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