Great leaders make their lasting mark during the most challenging times. That's when leadership is needed most. It's time for moral leadership.

It’s Time for Moral Leadership

Great leaders make their lasting mark during the most challenging times. They make their greatest impact in times of crisis and peril. That’s when leadership is needed most. During the course of history there are several good examples of such leaders. Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, and Franklin Rosevelt, to name a few. But it’s not […]

How to deal with criticism effectively. Leaders must learn to accept and deal with criticism. They need to view it as an opportunity for improvement.

How to Deal With Criticism Effectively

In the past several months we have all been witnessing the worst example of how to deal with criticism. This public person, who aspires to lead a country, seems incapable of handling any form of criticism. He immediately lashes out, usually with a vicious and often insulting attack at his critic, or rival. Needless to […]

Why being a mentor will make you a better leader. Effective leaders develop their people. A good way to acquire this skill is to actually be a mentor.

3 Reasons Why Being a Mentor Will Make you a Better Leader

To be effective, leaders need to develop their people and help them realize their potential. This requires leaders to take the role of coaches and mentors. A good way to develop this important leadership skill is to actually be a mentor. For the last three years, I’ve been a mentor in a unique entrepreneurship accelerator […]

The Real Benefit of Unlimited Vacation Days

 Photo credit:   I recently read an article that celebrated a high-tech company that decided to give its employees the great benefit of unlimited number of vacation days. The company leaders expect this move to lead to better results for the company.   I too applaud this move, and believe that it will lead to better […]

Looking for Mr. dependable. These are the people that you can rely on to get the job done. They will always come through for you, and for their team.

Looking for Mr. Dependable

One of the main challenges for any organization is finding the right people. This is true no matter the size or type of organization. It’s especially crucial for start-up companies where every person matters and hiring mistakes can be very costly.   In fact, I’ve written before that in my humble opinion, a leader’s most important task […]

C is for company culture. Your company culture is as important as your IP, and technology. It’s the personality of your company.

C is for Company Culture

I recently read a great post by a founder and CEO of a startup that failed. He candidly and skillfully shared his lessons learned from the failure of their venture. One of his important lessons was the need for a clear and simple articulation of a company culture. He used the term: “culture is your cofounder”. I think it’s […]

My top 10 leadership movies. This post lists my top ten movies that provide some inspiring leadership lessons, and the key lessons in each one.

My Top 10 Leadership Movies

Leadership is one my greatest passions.  I’m also a huge movie buff. So it’s only natural to combine these two passions in to one blog post. The result: my list of top ten movies that provide some inspiring leadership lessons. So here goes (in no particular order): Saving Private Ryan Main Leaders: Captain Miller (played by Tom […]

How to Give Effective Feedback. Some useful tips on how leaders can use constructive feedback to develop and improve their employees’ performance.

How to Give Effective Feedback

One of our key roles as leaders is to develop our people and help them maximize their potential. This is both our responsibility to them, as well as to our organization. By developing and improving our employees’ performance we enable them to succeed in their respective roles. And as a result, contribute more value to the organization. […]

4 attributes of a winning team. You need to have a team with the right combination of skills to match your goals and business model..

4 Attributes of a Winning Team

Ask any VC or technology investor and they will tell you that the success of a start-up is largely dependent on the quality of its founding team. And yet, what are the attributes of a winning team? Steve Blank defines a startup as “a temporary organization designed to search for a repeatable and scalable business model”. He further […]

The mark of true leaders. I think the main ingredients of leadership, which exist in all true leaders, are: trust, confidence, and courage.

The Mark of True Leaders

I recently suffered a major disappointment. My beloved Yankees were embarrassingly swept by the Detroit Tigers in the American League Championship series.   While they have lost postseason series before, it has been decades since the Yankees were last handed such a sounding defeat. It was painful to watch. It made me think on the causes for […]