How to become a learning organization. Companies need to become learning organizations. Knowledge is the most critical competitive resource that they have.

How to Become a Learning Organization

As the famous saying goes: change is the only constant thing in our lives. Indeed, the rate of change has accelerated almost in every aspect of our lives. This includes climate, technology, economic, as well as political and social changes. The Half-Life of Knowledge One important effect of this rapid rate of change is the shrinking […]

3 key questions for a new start-up. Startups need to address these questions prior to raising money, or starting customer and product development efforts.

3 Key Questions for a New Start-up

When I work with entrepreneurs on developing their ideas, and starting their new ventures, I always start off with three main questions (and several other follow-on questions). Question 1: What problem or need are you trying to solve? First, a good idea must address a real problem or a need that people (or businesses) have. In […]

To Be Effective First Be Present

One of my previous bosses was a hard-working executive. He felt that in order to be successful and productive he should multitask whenever and where ever possible.   He would take long flights to attend important meetings with customers. Only during those meetings he would spend most of the time checking and replying to e-mails […]

The most important trait of a leader. Leadership begins and ends with trust. To be effective, leaders must first earn the trust of their people.

The Most Important Trait of a Leader

I believe that leadership begins and ends with trust. For leaders, in all walks of life, to be effective they must first earn the trust of their people.   Without trust, a leader cannot inspire, motivate, recruit talent, or invoke commitment to her cause. Therefore, the most she can expect to get from her subordinates […]

Can VCs help make the world a better place. VCs should have social responsibility; a greater purpose than just make money for their investors and themselves

Can VCs Help Make the World a Better Place?

The winner of the recent TechCrunch Disrupt start-ups contest, was a company that is developing yet another virtual reality/social game. This game takes place in a virtual Facebook bar, where your avatar can meet and “socialize” with other people’s avatars.   Granted, this may be just the thing for those who otherwise have no lives. Perhaps […]