6 tips for leading change. Some valuable tips and lessons about the critical factors in leading a successful change in a company or organization.

6 Tips for Leading Change

Change is a constant element in our lives, both personal and professional. As leaders, we often need to initiate and lead changes in our organizations. These changes include strategic directions, product features and roadmap, process and organizational changes. Whether the change is self-initiated or imposed, strategic or tactical, it’s always met with significant challenges, both psychological […]

The DNA of Innovative Companies. This post discusses the key elements that are critical for creating an environment of innovation.

The DNA of Innovative Companies

I recently read a great article called the ‘The Innovator’s DNA’, written by Jeffrey H. Dyer, Hal B. Gregersen, and Clayton M. Christensen.   The article presents the findings and conclusions from a six-year study in which the authors looked into what habits and skills distinguish the most innovative entrepreneurs from other executives. These successful […]

Social entrepreneurship at its best. How ca we encourage and assist social entrepreneurs to develop and launch successful ventures

Social Entrepreneurship at its Best

This is a story about social entrepreneurship at its best. A true social startup.   My two and a half year old daughter attends the therapeutic daycare at Beit Issie Shapiro in Ra’anana, Israel.   Beit Issie Shaprio’s mission is to improve the quality of life for children with disabilities and their families. The organization has […]

The learning pyramid. In essence, we learn better from actual experience and practice. We retain much less when we’re lectured by a teacher or a colleague.

The Learning Pyramid

In one of my previous posts I wrote about the need to become constant learners, and learning organizations, in order to remain relevant and increase our value. In this post I would like to introduce the concept of the The Learning Pyramid.   The concept is fairly simple and intuitive. We’ve all experienced it ourselves, […]

Take a strategic drive. Strategic planning should be a continuous activity. So, you should not start a project, or a new business without a clear plan.

Take a Strategic Drive

Strategic thinking and planning should be a continuous activity. A habit. Unfortunately, for many it’s viewed as a mandatory annual event (commanded by our boss or board) that distracts us from getting our jobs done. To me that equates to driving your car around aimlessly with no purpose, destination, and schedule. For some, this might […]