My Services

What I Do

I work with inspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders to build great companies.

In particular, I use proven methods of value creation and business model generation to make startup companies become very attractive to investors.

In short, I turn “unfundable” startups into winning companies.


My Background

I have a track record of building, leading, and scaling technology businesses. A passion for business strategy, and unparalleled customer experience complemented by strong technical background.

I’m an entrepreneur and was a founder and CEO of two start-up companies. I also work with several successful investors. In addition, I have a key role in a couple of startup accelerators.


My Services

  • Value creation
    I use the Jobs-To-Be-Done theory, Value Proposition Design, and other proven methods to identify and develop strong value propositions and winning strategies.

  • Business model generation
    Following the creation of a strong value proposition, I use the Business Model Canvas framework and Blue Ocean Strategy tools to generate successful, scalable business models.

  • Assistance with funding
    As a result, I make start-up companies very attractive to investors. Also, I connect the entrepreneurs to the right investors. In addition, I guide and assist them throughout the process of raising the money they need to build and grow their companies.


I Deliver

  • Winning value propositions
  • Successful business models and go-to-market plans
  • Funding


Contact Me

[email protected]