My passion is leadership.

My greatest satisfaction comes from leading people to achieve great things, while helping them develop to their full potential.

Furthermore, I take great pride in building, leading, and coaching teams that consistently maintain the highest performance standards.

Also, I thrive on the challenge and responsibility of leading an organization and making decisions that impact its success. I’ve been leading people, teams, and organizations for over 30 years, and every day I find that I’m learning something new about being a great leader.

Finally, I believe that great leadership is by far the most significant attribute of great teams, companies, and countries.


What Makes an Effective Leader?

From my own experience, and that of other successful leaders, and renowned scholars, following is a list of traits and skills of an effective leader:

  1. Trustworthy.
  2. Always do the right thing.
  3. Integrity.
  4. Dignity.
  5. Recruiting and building a high-performance team; Coaching. “Putting the right people on the bus”.
  6. Ability to make timely decision; Courage; Decisiveness; Determination.
  7. Leading by example; Being humble.
  8. Ability to focus, set priorities; First things First; Articulate a clear and compelling goal/vision.
  9. Great communication skills.
  10. Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself; Empathy; Mutual respect/consideration.