People with disabilities are not independent. They are courageously fighting for independence. But they need others to join that fight.

Fighting for Independence

An important part of my time is invested in a great program called A3IThis is the world’s first startup accelerator that is solely dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities.
The purpose of A3I is to encourage and assist entrepreneurs that aim to solve problems, and needs of people with disabilities. The goal is to create a more inclusive society. A society in which people with special needs can lead a normal life like anyone else.
I serve this program as a member of its steering committee, as well as a mentor to some of the entrepreneurs. It’s one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had in my life.
It’s so refreshing and inspiring to meet entrepreneurs that really want to make a difference. That are not following the hype or pursuing financial rewards. It also reminds me time and time again what really matters in life, and how we take so many things, like our health, and personal independence for granted.
I recently met with one of the startup teams for our weekly mentorship session. We discussed the unique value proposition of their idea (we use the “Lean Startup” concept and Business Model Generation as our framework). So I asked them to try and put themselves in the shoes of their target “customers”, and imagine how their lives will be different after they start using their proposed product, and why. What significant impact would that product have on the lives of their customers?

Assistive Technology can Give Independence

And then one of them said: “independence”. And that’s when it hit me. How we take this basic need for granted. Because we are so used to being independent in our lives. We can go anywhere; choose what to do and when; dress ourselves in any clothes we want; communicate with other people at will; shop for what we need. Therefore, it’s hard for us to imagine our lives without this basic independence.

And yet, that’s not the case for people with disabilities. They are not independent. Far from it. Moreover, their dependency on others is also adversely affecting their dignity and self-esteem. Many of them are courageously fighting for their own independence. But they need others to join that fight.

We need more programs like A3I. Most of all, we need more entrepreneurs who are willing to make the commitment and sacrifices that are required in fighting for the independence of people with disabilities. The same independence that we enjoy and have come to take for granted.


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