10 Important Lessons I learned from Raising a Child with Disabilities. These lessons are universal, and they apply to anyone.

10 Lessons I learned from Raising a Child with Disabilities – Part 2

    2. Define your own success. Too many people are using other people’s definitions of success instead of their own. We are greatly influenced by others, including our parents, TV, marketing messages, and society. In effect, we are trying to live someone else’s life instead of our own. Consequently, many people do not truly fulfill their goals. […]

Define your own success. I believe that we should define our own ideas of success, based on our own ambitions, priorities, and values.

Define Your Own Success

What is success? How do you know when you’ve achieved it? What are the metrics to measure success? Who defines them? These questions are relatively easy to answer when discussing a product, or a business. And yet, they become increasingly challenging when applied to our careers and lives in general. And yet, these questions, and our […]