Raising money is the most critical task of a startup founder. It should be approached as a sales process. Starting with a list of target investors.

How to Select Your Target Investors

Raising money is probably the most critical, and challenging task of a startup founder. Many entrepreneurs view it as a necessary evil. That’s probably why crowd funding was formed. And while for some startups crowd funding is sufficient, for most startups it’s not yet relevant. Therefore, founders still need to raise money from investors. Unfortunately, […]

some valuable tips, based on extensive experience, on how to increase your startup's chances to raise money from investors.

How to Increase your Startup’s Chances to Raise Money

Perhaps the most critical and challenging element in building a startup company is securing its funding. The number one cause of premature death of startup companies is running out of money. Therefore, startups CEOs spend a big chunk of their time on fundraising. It is their highest priority, and seems like a never ending task. […]

crossing the funding chasm. this post proposes a new solution for funding early stage start-ups. The solution is a hybrid between angels and crowdfunding.

Crossing the Funding Chasm

Photo copyright of Kevin Murphy Photography. Funding is the most critical need of an early stage startup. Without sufficient seed funding it can’t validate its idea, develop its lead customers, and create a credible proof-of-concept. The amount of required capital varies depending on the business model and product. And yet, for each startup there comes a moment when your […]