10 Important Lessons I learned from Raising a Child with Disabilities. These lessons are universal, and they apply to anyone.

10 Lessons I learned from Raising a Child with Disabilities – Part 3

  3. Two are always better than one This seems obvious, and yet it’s worth reminding. I would have not been able to get through the past eight years if I didn’t have the true partnership, complete support, and love of my wife. We are truly a team of two. Raising a child with disabilities […]

Only the paranoid survive. And yet, these days no company cannot make it on its own. It must rely on its partners to provide value to its customers.

Only the Paranoid Survive. However…

Andy Grove, Intel’s legendary CEO, has famously coined the term: “Only the Paranoid Survive“. He referred it to several aspects of his professional and personal life experiences. In the business setting, he meant that a company that wishes to have long-term, sustainable success should never rest on it laurels. He argued that a company should constantly transform itself in order […]