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How to create a great elevator pitch

A great elevator pitch is a must-have in any entrepreneur’s toolbox. It’s extremely useful in both impromptu and planned encounters with investors, customers, and partners. Therefore, it’s critical that you learn how to create an effective elevator pitch for your startup, and for yourself. The purpose of an elevator pitch is to answer the basic […]

Helpers vs. Advisers

Helpers vs. Advisers

We can all use good advice. And we all need help. There are advisers and then there are helpers. And it’s important to distinguish those that can offer us good advice from those who can actually help us (helpers vs. advisers). This applies in every aspect of our lives. In particular, in entrepreneurship. I’m a […]

how to find new markets and customers.

How to Find new Markets and Customers

The coronavirus pandemic has abruptly disrupted the business models of many startups. Markets have collapsed, customers are changing their spending behavior, and suppliers are going out of business. As a result, your value proposition and business model may no longer be valid. So, to survive this crisis, companies need to quickly adapt to the new circumstances. They […]

How can your startup survive the coronavirus

How Can Your Startup Survive the Coronavirus

The survival rate of startups is very low in normal times. Let alone during a recession. In particular, early-stage startups. And make no mistake, the coronavirus pandemic will cause a global recession. And yet, if you take action now, make the required changes to your plans, and keep your team focused and engaged, your startup […]

startup valuation

How to Determine Your Startup Valuation?

As a consultant and mentor to startup companies, I work with the entrepreneurs on value creation, business model generation, and go-to-market plans. I also help them raise the money they need to build their companies. At that stage, the question of valuation inevitably comes up. How to determine your startup valuation? This is an important […]

How to choose your early adopters

How to Choose the Right Early Adopters

Early adopters are critical to any company that introduces a new product or service. Therefore, identifying the right early adopters is an important element in the company’s business model and go-to-market strategy.

Many early-stage startups face the same question: how much should you raise in our pre-seed round? The answer is: it depends.

How Much Money to Raise in a Pre-Seed Investment Round?

Many early-stage startups face the same question: how much should you raise in our pre-seed round? The answer is: it depends. So, I’ve developed a short list of guiding questions that can help each company arrive at the amount that’s right for it.