3 Steps to Detox your Soul. To start the new year on a positive and energizing note, I would like to share with you this three-step detox process.

3 Steps to Detox your Soul

If you live in a developed country, western or eastern civilizations alike, you are exposed to numerous toxins. In particular, mental, emotional, and social toxins. These include excess materialism, stressful work environment, financial concerns, an insufficient amount of leisure and family time, reality TV, and overexposure to social media, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Our determined efforts to improve our standard of living, further our careers, achieve what we perceive as success, and keep up with “the Jones”, leave many of us feeling stressed and burnt-out. It feels as if our lives are out of sync. We spend too much time on things that bring us little or no value, and not enough time on what matters most to us.

Sometimes we feel that we are trying to live someone else’s life instead of our own. Often this causes us to feel as if we’ve failed to reach our goals. And as a result, we feel frustrated and unhappy.

I’ve already shared my thoughts on how we can live happier by defining our own success and being more present. To start the new year on a positive and energizing note, I would like to share with you the following three-step detox process:

  1. Remove from your life anything that makes you feel bad. This includes changing jobs, ending bad relationships. Also, getting rid of bad service or health providers. And, moving out of an apartment that gives you negative feelings.

  2. Giving. Give your time, experience, or knowledge to people and causes you care about. For example, do volunteer work, or give your friends your time and help when they need it.

  3. Do small acts of kindness. Every day, try to do one small act of kindness. Help a neighbor, a colleague, or a perfect stranger. Better yet, do something nice and unexpected for your spouse or kids.

Based on my own experience, you will feel a whole better, happier, and more satisfied with your life. Moreover, you will make others feel better and set an example for your family, friends, and those you interact with.

I wish you all a happy, healthy, and peaceful new year.



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