4 key lessons learned from a four year experience of launching, and leading a new, first of its kind, startup accelerator.

4 Lessons Learned from a New Startup Accelerator

One might ask if we really need yet another startup accelerator? Don’t we already have enough? Indeed, these days it seems that in every country and major city there are many startup accelerator programs that are available to aspiring entrepreneurs. And yet, those programs tend to be generic by nature, purpose and content. Therefore, they […]

Great leaders ask great questions. Great leaders acknowledge that they don't always have the right answer. Rather, they ask great questions.

Why Great Leaders ask Great Questions

As leaders we sometimes feel that we’re expected to always have the right answer. That our experience, position, and the confidence our people have in us makes it our job to do so. And yet, that’s not what makes a leader great. In fact, great leaders acknowledge that they don’t always have the right answer. […]

A gentler more inspiring style of leadership. When leaders demonstrate genuine care for their people, they can inspire them.

A Gentler More Inspiring Style of Leadership

Sometimes small acts of kindness can have a profound and lasting impact. When leaders demonstrate genuine care for their people, especially those in inferior positions, they can inspire them. These acts of kindness enable leaders to connect with people at an emotional level. That builds trust and creates loyalty. The following story is a great example […]

How to measure your success. What you measure gets done, and vice versa. We all want to achieve success. But how do you measure success?

How to Measure Your Success

What you measure gets done. This is a known principle in life, and in business in particular. Conversely, what you don’t measure you will not achieve. That’s true for your fitness training, as well as your weight loss program. It’s equally true for your business goals, including financial targets, market share, and product quality. But […]

Authentic pride is a strong source of motivation. It has a great, long-term effect on our performance. So how can leaders make their people feel proud?

The Power of Authentic Pride

Pride and fear are two of our deepest feelings. They are both also powerful sources of motivation. And yet, pride has a greater, more positive longer-term effect on our performance. Legendary UCLA basketball coach, John Wooden, said: “Fear may work in the short term to get people to do something, but over the long run I believe […]