How to choose your early adopters

How to Choose the Right Early Adopters

Early adopters are critical to any company that introduces a new product or service. Therefore, identifying the right early adopters is an important element in the company’s business model and go-to-market strategy.

Many early-stage startups face the same question: how much should you raise in our pre-seed round? The answer is: it depends.

How Much Should You Raise in Your Pre-Seed Round?

I work with inspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders to build great companies. In particular, I work with early-stage startups on value creation and business model generation. One of our main goals is to make their companies very attractive to investors. In addition, I also connect the entrepreneurs to the right investors. I guide and assist […]

Raising money is the most critical task of a startup founder. It should be approached as a sales process. Starting with a list of target investors.

How to Select Your Target Investors

Raising money is probably the most critical, and challenging task of a startup founder. Many entrepreneurs view it as a necessary evil. That’s probably why crowd funding was formed. And while for some startups crowd funding is sufficient, for most startups it’s not yet relevant. Therefore, founders still need to raise money from investors. Unfortunately, […]

Startup competitions are popping up everywhere these days. The rewards are very tempting to startup companies. But, should you participate in them?

Should You Participate in These Startup Competitions

Startup competitions are popping up everywhere these days, like mushrooms after the rain. Startup companies are overwhelmed with the amount and variety of these contests. Some of these competitions offer monetary prizes, others offer exposure and connections to investors, and there are those who offer access to potential target customers. All of these rewards are […]

We all experience those days when bad things happen. Often, these bad events or outcomes are not in our control. But how can you stay positive when you're having such a day?

How to Stay Positive When You’re Having a Bad Day

Bad days. We all have them. But how can you stay positive when you’re having such a day? We all experience those days when bad things happen. The stock market crashes and our 401k just lost a significant amount of its value. A president or some other elected official makes an outrageous decision that infuriates […]